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New Brunswick

Quake Info: Unconfirmed Earthquake or Seismic-like Event: 18 km Northeast of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, Saturday, Oct 22, 2022 at 9:53 pm (GMT -3)

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Baxters Corner (11.5 km east of epicenter) [Map] / Slight shaking (MMI III) / Rattling, vibration / 2-5 s : Bang heard, followed by a hole vibration stronger than the vibration of a nearby thunderclap. Went outside and could still hear the rumble subside.

Hampstead (24.7 km NNW of epicenter) [Map] / Slight shaking (MMI IV) / 2-5 s : Outside with my dogs when I was struggling and feeling it, I’ve never belted out a sound like that and the floor rattled.

Quispamsis (2.6 km east of epicenter) [Map] / Slight shaking (MMI III) / rattling, vibration / very short : Heard a cracking bang and felt a shutter go through the house. Stronger and more astute than the artillery drills at Camp Gagetown

near Hampton, New Brunswick (4 miles east of epicenter) [Map] / Very weak shaking (MMI II) / 2-5 s : Faint shaking, but it was more of a loud noise. My husband and I were watching a show, he thought it was thunder on TV and I said no way. I rewound the show to where he thought the thunder should be and it wasn’t there. It sounded like a big boom.

Kingston, New Brunswick (9.9 km NNW of epicenter) [Map] / not felt : Just a really loud bang. A bit like a bomb. Seeing that the military base is training this week, I’m assuming it’s military related

25 Upper Golden Grove Road, Upper Golden Grove, Ne / Slight shaking (MMI IV) / Rattling, vibration / 2-5 s : Weak to slight shaking. House growled for a few seconds. Both my husband and I thought it was an earthquake, but we’ve never experienced that here.

E5n 1k6 / not felt / 2-5 s : We heard a loud bang that seemed to reverberate. Louder than we normally hear from Gagetown. It came from this direction.

Long range, NB / Slight tremor (MMI IV) / single vertical bump / very brief : It was a huge bang. It didn’t rumble or shake like it used to. I thought it was Camp Gagetown but it didn’t rattle the windows like Gagetown usually does. We are located on the St. John River across from Oak Point.

Kingston nb / Weak shaking (MMI III) / single side shaking / very short : We once heard a loud explosion like noise. House shook himself slightly for a second and then nothing followed.

Quispamsis, NB / Very weak shaking (MMI II) / rattling, vibration / 2-5 s : Felt like an explosion somewhere nearby. House shook for a few seconds, feeling like it was coming through the house and not like the tremors of heavy thunder.

We watched TV and heard this bang that scared us / Very faint shaking (MMI II) / Complex movement difficult to describe / Very short : More like an explosion or really loud thunder. Kind of scary if you’re not sure what or where our dogs were scared

Quispamsis, New Brunswick / Very weak shaking (MMI II) / rattling, vibration / very short : Felt like a loud bang and a brief shake like a huge thunderclap from a nearby storm. However, the sky was clear.

Hampton, N.B / Very weak shaking (MMI II) / 5-10 s : I was in bed watching TV when it happened. I asked my husband if he heard the thunder. When it felt like a very faint rumble and vibration, I thought maybe a big truck was doing construction while the house was being built in our subdivision, then I thought, “It can’t be, it’s too late for that.”

Rothesay NB / not felt : Big rumble sounded like thunder, duration about one second. I felt nothing but the dog was startled and scared.

Upper Golden Grove / Very weak shaking (MMI II) / 2-5 s : Felt like thunder or big truck driving by. I didn’t feel the house shaking. Just a vibration outside.

Clifton Royal / Very weak shaking (MMI II) / Single vertical burst / 1-2 s : The first event was followed shortly thereafter by a second event. It sounded like someone knocked over heavy furniture upstairs, even though there’s no one up there.

Rothesay / Moderate shaking (MMI V) : grumbling | A user found this interesting.

1.3 km NNW of the epicenter [Map] / not felt

Saint John, New Brunswick (20 km southwest of epicenter) [Map] / not felt

Saint John, New Brunswick (17.5 km SSW of epicenter) [Map] / not felt

Browns Flat (17 km WNW of epicenter) [Map] / not felt

Quispamsis (13 km SE of epicenter) [Map] / Weak shaking (MMI III)

3.3 km NW of the epicenter [Map] / Very weak shaking (MMI II) / single lateral shaking / very short : boom

Quispamsis (5.1 km NNE of epicenter) [Map] / gentle shake (MMI IV) / single side shake / 1-2 s : Slight shaking. It sounded more like an explosion in the distance.

Kingston New Brunswick (11.3 km NNW of epicenter) [Map] / Slight shaking (MMI IV)

725 Hillcrest rd (9.5 km south of epicenter) [Map] / Very faint shaking (MMI II) / Single vertical bump / Very short

Moncton (119.6 km NE of epicenter) [Map] / not felt

32 km from Miramichi, Northumberland County, New Brunswick (172.1 km N of epicenter) [Map] / not felt : I heard a really loud thunder

near Saint John, New Brunswick (5.1 km SSW of epicenter) [Map] / Very weak shaking (MMI II) / rattling, vibration / 2-5 s : It sounded like someone was running upstairs.

near Hampton, New Brunswick (2.4 km NW of epicenter) [Map] / Weak shaking (MMI III) / single vertical bump / 1-2 s : It felt like something was hitting the wall of the house. It sounded a bit like thunder.

E2E4K6 (1.6 km SSW of epicenter) [Map] / not felt

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