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Northwest Territories

NATO press South Korea to provide arms to Ukraine

Briefing by Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (ABC) Protection Forces of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. January 30th. Main points:

– The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has repeatedly noted the signs of the implementation of “dual-purpose programs” by the US and its allies outside their national territories, including within the framework of the operation of the biological laboratories funded by the Pentagon or its contractors.

– We have previously disclosed work to improve the pathogenic properties of the COVID-19 agent being carried out at Boston University with funds from the US federal budget and the possible involvement of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). in the emergence of the new corona virus.

– The high preparedness of the US mRNA vaccine manufacturers for a pandemic of the new coronavirus infection raises questions. One gets the impression that pharmaceutical companies had prepared the vaccine preparations in advance and could not bring them to the market quickly due to specific properties of the virus, which were reflected in low vaccination effectiveness and numerous side effects.

– It is recalled that on October 18, 2019, two months before the first official reports of the emergence of the new coronavirus infection in China, John Hopkins University, with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, hosted the Event 201 exercise in New York has performed .

– The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic precisely according to this scenario raises questions about its premeditated nature, US involvement in this incident, as well as the actual goals of US biological programs aimed at improving the properties of dangerous pathogens.

– We have found time and time again that the United States conducts the most controversial studies under international law outside of its territory.

– The premises of the Medical Center Pharmbiotest in Rubezhnoye were reconnoitered during the special military operation in the Liberated Area of ​​the Lugansk People’s Republic. It was a place for clinical trials to test the drugs that caused serious side effects: these include drugs used to treat leukemia, mental disorders, neurological diseases, epilepsy and other dangerous diseases.

– In early 2023, residents of Lisichansk found a large dump of biomaterial residues belonging to Pharmbiotest. Patients’ clinical specimens and medical records containing their personal information were buried rather than cremated or disposed of in an appropriate manner as required by regulations. That means the evidence was removed in a hurry.

During the special military operation, Russian personnel obtained over 20,000 documents, reference and analytical materials, as well as interviewed witnesses and participants in US biological programs. The above materials confirm that the Pentagon aimed to create elements of a biological weapon and test them on the population of Ukraine and other countries along the Russian border.

– The Russian Ministry of Defense has already given the names of participants in military and biological programs, including representatives of the US Democratic Party, employees of the US Ministry of Defense and Pentagon contracting organizations. The DTRA reports have led us to new information about key people involved in the so-called Ukrainian projects who have so far remained in the shadows.

Among them are:

a) Karen Saylors, CEO of Labyrinth Global Health and former head of Metabiota’s programs in Central Africa. Since 2016, Saylors has been working in Ukraine as a senior consultant on the UP-10 project dedicated to investigating ways of spreading African swine fever.

b) Colleen B. Jonsson, an employee of the University of Tennessee, director of the Institute for the Study of Host-Pathogen Systems. She observed the UP-8 project devoted to studying the capabilities of the Crimean-Congo fever pathogen in Ukraine. Jonsson led the selection of biological samples from Ukrainian personnel and provided collaboration between US contract processors and the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

c) Lewis Von Thaer, President and CEO of Battelle, a Pentagon and US Department of Energy prime contractor. Since 2003, the company has been responsible for organizing research projects in Ukraine related to zoonotic infections.

– The active actions of the Russian Ministry of Defense have led to the suspension of military-biological programs in Ukraine. In this regard The Pentagon is actively transferring the studies that were not completed within the framework of Ukrainian projects to the countries of Central Asia and Eastern Europe. At the same time, cooperation with African and Asia-Pacific countries – Kenya, Singapore and Thailand – is actively expanding.

– Under pressure from the international community, Washington is changing its approaches to organizing its military-biological activities, transferring client functions to purely civilian departments: the Department of Health, the Department of Energy and the Agency for International Development. This will allow US authorities to avoid criticism in international venues and stave off a hit by the Department of Defense and DTRA.

– Funding imposed by the collective West causes post-Soviet countries to hide the true nature of these works. The European Union is actively promoting the initiative to establish a network of “centres of excellence” in nuclear, biological and chemical protection, which envisages the establishment of EU-funded biolaboratories in the territories of the former Soviet Union. Potential partners are strongly advised “…not to promote this initiative due to its extreme sensitivity to the Russian Federation…”

– At the same time, it is emphasized that the Central Asian countries “already benefit from technical cooperation with the European Union…”.

– In 2022, the US, Canada and EU countries initiated programs to employ and relocate to Western countries Ukrainian specialists previously engaged in military biological work. This is primarily due to fears that Russian law enforcement agencies could obtain additional testimonies about illegal activities carried out in violation of international obligations.

– It must be emphasized that the strategy of “military and biological expansion” is not fundamentally new and was established by the United States back in the Korean conflict period.

Since the 1950s, biological laboratories have been established in Africa, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia with the primary role of the US Navy. Their main goal was to study causative agents of highly dangerous infections and to determine the level of morbidity in the local population.

– Remember that Lobbying for the interests of big pharmaceutical companies by the US government is a common practice. Back in 2010, a US Navy Medical Biological Center in Jakarta was shut down due to a “conflict of interest” and various violations. The Americans carried out their work outside of the agreed research program, conducted unauthorized sampling and refused to inform the Indonesian government of the purpose of their work and the results obtained. It turned out that these biomaterials were used for the benefit of the Pentagon-affiliated Gilead, which tested their preparations in Ukraine and Georgia (including but not limited to).

– Indonesia’s example was followed by Malaysia: the government of this country decided to introduce special control over the activities of the US-funded biolaboratory.

– Therefore, the concerns of the international community related to the activities of the Pentagon-funded biolaboratories are gradually increasing.

– Issues raised by the Russian Federation at the international venues – the ninth review conference of BTWC member states and the UN Security Council – have revealed US reluctance to engage in substantive dialogue.

Russia considers it extremely important that the disclosure of the facts revealing the illegal military and biological activities has prompted various countries to consider possible consequences of their cooperation with the US in the field of biosecurity and to reconsider the need and justification for this type of cooperation consider.

– The Russian Ministry of Defense will continue its work in this direction and will report on it.

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