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‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 2 “The New Hot Mess”

Based on the events of the season 4 premiere of 9-1-1: Lone Star, TK and Carlos try to talk Iris into a divorce, but it might not end well for a variety of reasons. Meanwhile, Owen infiltrates the motorcycle gang for the FBI and finds someone he wasn’t expecting while Tommy struggles with their sinful ways.

Read on to find out what happened in The New Hot Mess.

A (really) mobile home

A woman, Lila, wakes up to a rumble and, after looking out the window, calls out 9-1-1. It turns out that her ex-husband, Mitch, is literally stealing her house and driving it…with her in it.

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The 126 keeps a good distance on the highway when Sergeant O’Brien tries to stop Mitch, but he refuses. The house is constantly losing parts, so they don’t have much time. Lila says that Mitch has an open lot in Birch Glen and Paul sees an intersection at the exit he needs to take.

TK and Marjan come down from above in a helicopter, and since Marjan has done more than a few of these types of rescues due to Florida flooding, she takes the plunge and goes off the helicopter. When the engine pulls up next to Mitch and Owen, trying to get it to shut down, Marjan saves Lila (after some refusal since she owns the house).

Once Marjan and Lila are safe, Sergeant O’Brien has the LAPD and SWAT ready to stop him. That wasn’t necessary, however, as the house gets stuck on a mile marker.

matter for the FBI

Kevin Estrada/FOX

Owen meets with two FBI agents to discuss honor dogs. Agent Kacey tells him that they are a group of fringe separatists whose goal is to return Texas to its founding fathers. Your partner says they landed on their domestic terror watch list a year ago. Agent Kacey has reason to believe that the Honor Dogs are planning an attack in the city, and a truck was found transporting a substance that was used to destroy a building in Oklahoma City, and it’s triple the amount. The agents want Owen to install an RF transmitter in the private office.

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Owen rides to the Hounds of Honor house acting as normal as ever, trying to get information from a bartender, Red. He goes to the bathroom hoping to find the private office and places the transmitter under a table just before being caught by O’Brien.

After going to the bathroom, Owen reunites with O’Brien, an honor dog. He wonders what Owen is doing there and asks him questions about it. O’Brien tells Owen he’s not welcome there.

Owen later meets up with Kacey in a parking garage and expresses his concerns about O’Brien. Since he placed and activated the device, Kacey tells him that the mission is over. However, Owen didn’t activate it, not knowing it should be on. Kacey says she’ll find out O’Brien’s schedule, so he won’t be there when Owen is, but she wants him to wait for him.

When Owen gets home, O’Brien is waiting for him with the transmitter. Owen confronts him without admitting who he works for. He tells Owen to grab a helmet since they want a ride.

sinful thoughts

Kevin Estrada/FOX

Tommy shows up at the call center and she and Grace talk about Reverend Parks. Grace brings up some impressive things about him and tries to find out if he called Tommy, but she didn’t call him back. Tommy doesn’t like him being her pastor, and Grace tries to persuade her to do so, although Tommy doesn’t think she can have another wedding night. She knows she needs something more than a dinner companion.

Reverend Parks visits the station and Tommy confesses her situation to a curious Nancy and TK. Nancy finds it amusing.

“You approached a pastor in your church? You’re going to hell.”

TK and Nancy “store” the ambulance while overhearing their captain’s conversation with their pastor. She apologizes to him as she didn’t know who his boss who sees everything was. Reverend Parks believes it was God who brought them together and he works in mysterious ways. He invites Tommy to dinner and she does. After he leaves, Nancy tells Tommy she will burn.

Reverend Parks shows up at Tommy’s for dinner and it’s getting pretty hot. Tommy wakes up in a sweat and knows she’s going straight to hell.

Tommy chats with Owen at the train station and chats with him about Reverend Park and the interesting circumstances. After asking for some subtle details about the sex dream, Owen wonders if she likes church, and Tommy says she does. She has to say no as he has had similar experiences. If it doesn’t work, she can’t go back. Unfortunately, Tommy has already agreed. Owen has the idea of ​​bringing a puffer.

Reverend Parks shows up at Tommy’s again for dinner (for real this time) and notices that several plates are set out. Grace and Judd walk through the door with baby Charlie and Tommy’s girls walk out of their room. It’s a big and awkward dinner, to say the least.

After the Reverend leaves, Grace confronts Tommy about dinner, and Judd, as confused as ever, doesn’t even realize they’re in the middle of something. Tommy admits she likes him, but Grace thinks she missed her chance. There’s a knock on the door and Reverend Parks steals a kiss from Tommy and tells her to skip the chaperones next time.

(Pre)marital problems

TK is as concerned as ever about how meeting Iris will go, and when she stops by, she asks her about their relationship and TK’s career as a paramedic (and his more-than-average comas). TK grabs the divorce papers and Iris sets off, wanting to read and think about them first. She tells TK that she is exactly what she expected and is leaving. TK asks Carlos what just happened.

“Iris happened.”

The next day, TK Nancy catches up with what happened at the train station. He tells Nancy that they fought so hard to get their marriages legal. If they say yes, he wants the world to know he does. TK has also considered what Iris said about him being exactly what she expected and Nancy tells him to just ask her.

TK visits Iris at the shelter, who tells him it’s a mistake. TK tells Iris their relationship isn’t a mistake; They fit together in every way. Iris doesn’t want to file for divorce as they weren’t actually married. TK would be Carlos’ first and last marriage. She thinks they should get an annulment since their marriage is not real. TK hugs and thanks Iris, then asks what she meant by exactly what she was expecting. Iris says he’s a hot pig, a bird with a broken wing; Carlos needs a project; the more tragic the better. TK is his life’s work.

After his conversation with Iris, TK feels bad, isn’t in the mood for dinner, and tells Carlos he thinks marriage is a bad idea. He asks Carlos if he sees him as something that needs fixing; he wonders if he felt he could fix Iris when he married her. Carlos says she had no signs of schizophrenia when he married her and he was trying to fix himself, something that wasn’t broken. TK asks when he found out and Carlos of course says it was the day he met him. However, TK is a hot mess.

“You are my hot mess.”

iris happened

After receiving a phone call, Carlos shows up at the homeless camp. An officer takes him to Iris’ car when he sees divorce papers with Carlos’ name on the seat. And Iris is nowhere to be found.

9-1-1: Lone Star airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX. Stay tuned for our more coverage of the series, including episodic recaps and more!

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