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Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions for Dec. 12-16 | Real-estate


Bernard A. and Melissa J. Martin sold the property at 146A Bellevue St., Adams to James M. and James B. Shea for $246,500.

The City of Adams sold the property at 20 East St, Adams to Hinton’s Berkshire Homes LLC for $25,000.

Kenneth R. Brooks sold the property at Bucklin Road, Adams to Ryan P. Thomann for $41,250.

Scott Jacobs sold the property at 2 Daniels Court, Adams to Anne M. Adamczyk Read, $180,000.

Kevin James Tyler and Anna Susan Downing sold the property at 78 Friend St., Adams to Zachary D. Stedman for $75,000.

Christine M. Nimmons sold the property at 10 Glendale Drive, Adams to Dennis C. and Nancy J. Underwood for $259,000.


Dennis and Catherine LaFlamme sold the property at 105 County Road, Becket to Stephen Poneck for $280,000.

Gary G. and Regina M. Johnson sold property at 512 Silver Leaf Drive, Becket to James J. Schneider and Cara Sgobba for $418,500.


Raymond Kushi, Trustee of JD RET, sold the property at 69 Lake Shore Drive, Cheshire, to Donald and Bonnie Marks for $305,000.


Dennis C. and Nancy J. Underwood sold the property at 20 Middle Road, Clarksburg to Matthew Runciman for $243,500.


Carolina Galliher and Joseph Caliento, personal representatives. of the estate of Mary Jane Caliento, sold property at 321 High St., Dalton, to Aaron T. Harrington, $340,000.


Miriam Rose Shapiro sold the property at 190 Egremont Plain Road, Egremont to Karin Schaefer for $250,000.

Big Barrington

Christopher E. Ryan sold the property at 12 Manville Street, Unit 4, Manville Manor Condominium, Great Barrington to Sheila Estelle Bandyopadhyay, $316,000.

Kornelia Krzyzanowska sold the property at 27 Blue Hill Road, Great Barrington to Nancy Jean Hancock and Jill Irene Patterson, Trustees of the Birgit I. Patterson Irrevocable Trust for $317,000.

Sandra D. Szahun sold the property at 358 North Plain Road, Great Barrington to Thomas Matthew Hocker and Kathryn Heeder Hocker for $687,500.

Damien Flores sold the property at 281 Main St., Unit 4B, Southworth Condominium, Great Barrington to James Hendrick for $385,000.


John S. and Allys P. Macken, trustees of the Macken RVT, sold the property at Corey Road, Hancock, to Howard Greenspan for $132,500.


Nicholas T. and Kristina E. Shailies sold the property at 401 George Schnopp Road, Hinsdale to Nathan J. and Katelynn Pitoniak for $530,000.


Theresa L. Tracy, Matthew Tracy, Elizabeth Tracy and Catherine Poirier sold the property at 2 Ann Drive, Lanesborough to Colleen Blanchard for $229,000.

Timothy and Gena Sherman sold the property at 61 Old Orebed Road, Lanesborough, to Andrew and Rebecca Carlson for $310,000.


Kathleen King and Sharon Brauns, trustees of the Driscoll Family Real Estate Trust, sold the property at 100 South Prospect St., Lee, to Andrew J. and Mary E. Naventi for $425,000.

John C. and Denene Pelkey ​​sold the property at 786 East St., Lee to Dennis and Catherine LaFlamme for $237,500.

Paul G. Bove, personal representative. of the estate of Anthony David Bove, sold the property at 221 George St., Lee, to Peter C. Miskinis for $247,500.


Linda D. Sullivan and Michael E. Duval, trustees of the Mary L. Duval Testamentary Trust, sold the property at 40 Tucker St., Lenox to John M. and Judith A. Duval for $395,000.

8-12 Tucker Street LLC sold property at 8 Tucker St., Lenox to North Sandy Brook LLC, $1,250,000.

Front Yard LLC sold the property at 310 Old Stockbridge Road, Lenox & Stockbridge to Linda Susan Law, Trustee of the Linda Susan Law Trust, $8,000,000.

New Marlborough

Berkshire Property Rentals LLC sold the property at 48 Cross to Canaan Valley Road, New Marlborough to Janine S. Begasse for $795,000.

North Adams

Jack L. Sleigh, Russell HP Sleigh, and Janet A. Criscione Sleigh sold the property at 388 Ashland St., North Adams, to Elizabeth A. Fischer for $60,000.

Scott L. Lincoln, personal representative. of Shirley M. Lincoln, sold the property at 294 Notch Road, North Adams, to Claire L. Hutchinson, $255,000.

The US Bank National Association, acting as trustee, sold the property at 455 State St, North Adams to James M. Pedro for $69,000.


Marston Family NT Trustee Michael Evan Marston sold the property at 1975 West Center Road, Otis to Hayes Pond Overlook LLC for $970,000.


Deanna L. Ruffer, Trustee of Ruffer Business NT, sold the property at 155-161 North St., Pittsfield to Pittsfield North 157 LLC for $285,000.

Thomas M. Hocker and Katheryn A. Heeder Hocker sold the property at 63 Concord Parkway, Pittsfield to Ross G. and Cynthia Rae Comstock for $398,000.

Anne Fleuriot sold the property on Pomeroy Ave. 480-482, Pittsfield, to Sava Svirskiy for $269,900.

Eric J. Christopher, personal representative. of the estate of Nancy A. Roots, formerly known as Nancy A. Christopher, sold the property at 44-46 Parker St., Pittsfield to Dean Christopher and Brenda Pettit, $170,000.

Arthur J. Nichols Jr. and Maris M. Nichols and the Berkshire Bank, trustees of the Eileen M. Nichols 1996 RVT, sold the property at 127 Shore Drive, Pittsfield to Amihai Miron for $1,255,000.

Meaghan A. Stiles sold the property at 34 Holmes Road, Pittsfield to Arnoldo Constanza for $210,000.

David J. and Alicia Pravia sold property at 22 Scalise Drive, Pittsfield to Edwin M. Ramirez and Marybel Santana-Peralta for $370,000.

RPM Properties Inc. sold the property at 1311 East St., Pittsfield to Organic Cultivation Developers LLC for $535,000.

Holly Shaker sold the property at 3 Walden Lane, Pittsfield to Lorraine Deyo for $360,000.

Kermit S. Goodman sold a property on Bradford Street, Pittsfield to Beverly Bolden for $5,000.

Heather A. Kelley sold the property at 92 Northumberland Road, Pittsfield to Daryl Brooke and Susanne East-Brooke for $405,000.

Ricky J. Barnes, Tanya Mackay and Tina Barnes sold the property at 730 Crane Ave., Pittsfield to Kabriya and Naheed Bolbolan for $227,000.

Venancio Torres sold the property at 80 Industrial Drive, Pittsfield to Smegal Holdings LLC for $450,000.

K&K Liquors LLC sold property at 1220 North St., Pittsfield to JFG Realty LLC, $180,000.

Gerald F. Ely, trustee of the Ely NT family, sold the property at 1224 North St., Pittsfield to JFG Realty LLC for $175,000.

Sharon M. Daley and Evan Richard sold property at 3 Woodstream Drive, Unit D-3, Pittsfield to Grace Jull, $200,000.


Truman R. Keys and Kevin Batisa sold a property on East Beach Road, Richmond, to Pamela R. Green, trustee of the IEM NT, for $149,500.

Thomas and Emily Siders sold the property at 897 East Road, Richmond, to Marion H. Rutledge for $385,000.

sandy field

Suzanne Etzel sold the property at Cold Spring Road, Sandisfield to Franklin Woods Investments LLC, $76,500.

Mark Woodbury sold the property at 241 Sandisfield Road, Sandisfield to David G. Van Arsdale & Wakenda Tyler for $262,500.

Nancy M. Kreis sold the property at 151 North Main St., Sandisfield to Mark Woodbury for $102,500.

Margo Morrison sold the property at 97 West St., Sandisfield to Adam Mansbach & Jamie Greenwood for $1,392,000.


Mark R. Ziemba sold the property at Adams Road, Savoy, to William A. Drosehn IV, $19,000.


Estate of Paul Jankowski sold property at 0 Blair Road, Berkshire Lake Estates, Unit 3, Lot 17, Block 1, Sheffield to Sarah E. Divine & Nathaniel R. Divine, $10,000.


Gordon G. and Kathleen J. Van Orman sold the property at 124 Main Road, Tyringham, to Liza Taylor for $230,000.

West Stock Bridge

Dennis J. Lamke & Shay Barnes sold the property at Iron Ore Road, West Stockbridge to Kelly M. Kaiser, Trustee of the Kelly M. Kaiser Revocable Trust, $300,000.


180 Water LLC sold property at 10-12 River Run, Unit 10, Williamstown to Stephen Barrett and Patricia Reilly for $1,130,000.

Sandra Lee Boucher and Jane E. Perras sold the property at 71 Henderson Road, Williamstown, to Marcia E. MacInnis for $200,000.

Robert and Patricia T. Greenberg sold the property at 1518 Oblong Road, Williamstown, to John P. Gerry and Laura H. Schoenbaum for $765,000.

Steinerfilm Inc. sold the property at 0 Holly Lane, Williamstown to Seth Alden for $50,000.

FT – Family Trust LLC – Limited Partnership LT – Life Trust NT – Nominee Trust RET – Real Estate Trust RT – Realty Trust RVT – Revocable Trust

Property transactions are conducted by the land registries in Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire.

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