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Newspeak in 2023: Taking Out The Trash

One of the best ways to explain the rapidly evolving world of 2022 is to suggest that life for men is sport. For women, however, life is culture. After an enduring reign in which sport ruled nations, culture has become paramount in the last generation – and with it the power of women and their hashtags. #metoo #heforshe #equalpay

One way the culture changed was through the appropriation of the language by political actors like the BLM, Redstockings, and Lavender Menace to push radical politics. Why use a clear, simple word when a groupthink bastard will do? Climate Newspeak (“Global Governance”) may be the most heinous landing spot for garbled speech, but many other WokeInc® divisions are not far behind. As we wrote here.

So as 2022 flickers, let’s resolve to clear the language and thereby clear the culture. There is a lot to unpack here. let’s pack “Lots to unpack“Off to oblivion as our first assignment in 2023. There is much more to do

Incitement: The Left’s Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, you pour it over everything to raise the temperature. Think, for example, of the January 6 Committee or the Hunter Biden deniers. In the former, it was incitement that Trump’s populist speeches incited an unarmed mob to enter Congress and sit in Nancy Pelosi’s office. In the latter, teammates on the left should be protected from being identified as those protecting the Biden crime family. ABC TV great Martha Raddatz used hate speech to blame those who covered the border chaos for alerting the world to how easy it is to enter America underneath #Biden Administration. And you know if that’s what she believes the most #MediaPary does it too.

Effective altruism: Effective altruism is the polite term for the cancerous movement that is now consuming corporations, governments, arts and sports organizations. It’s Newspeak for “make me feel virtuous with your money.” In 2022, Disney thought EA allowed them to go fully LGBTQ with “at least 50 percent of the characters being LGBTQIA and racial minorities.” Oops. They were reduced to the max in Florida by Gov. Ron DeSantis. By the end of the year, Effective Altruism Disney’s CEO was gone and veteran CEO Bob Iger was back. But we don’t hold our breath that other companies consumed by the SJW virus and its acronyms will take the cure.

Pivotable: What was formerly known as Correcting Our Mistakes. When double delinquent Justin Trudeau or his ministers fail on ethics, he turns around and says, “From my point of view, it sucks. Because you don’t want people to make mistakes, you want people to be able to focus on delivering good things for Canadians.” Right.

IT G: Or green blackmail. Environmental, social and governance ratings are the scourge of modern boardrooms, which like Meghan Markle, they pursue for a royal title. The death of shareholder value so HR staff can earn brownie points at the next HRIA conference in Big Sur. Of course, Justin thinks that’s progress.

“We are where we are”: We messed it up. But we will not blame those responsible. Hey look at this shiny object!

Employee representation: The assumption of leadership roles by millennials in a company. Can mean anything from promoting the product online to SJWs holding businesses hostage to their delicate sensibilities. Elon Musk’s recent Twitter revelations are perfect illustrations; Forgiving staffers threatened to hold their breath if Trump were re-elected. Luyckily Elon commanded them to pound sand. It used to be “Inmates who run the institution,” but that’s way too harsh for the Safe Space generation.

The glass roof: Popularized by Hillary Clinton in her 2016 presidency kamikaze run, it is now an object against which any woman like Kamala Harris can be hurled in history for the cause of #womenempowerment. Which seems like a good idea in the truest sense of the word. Figuratively, not so much.

Literally: Speaking of literally, we literally die every time a character by Karine Jean Pierre uses that word literally to mean actual or real. Stop it. Now. Rob Lowe explains why.

Niche: That’s cleverness for an idea so absurd it can only support the massive ego of its creator.

bougie: From bourgeois. Used to describe someone who takes on the airs of a higher socioeconomic class. Which ironically describes all Millennials and Gen-Xers using bougie as a deprecation to boost their Tik-Tok status.

Idea: The verb form of have an idea. Under contempt. But that doesn’t stop its use in Elizabeth Warren’s universe.

Iterate: To repeat a function until you get it right. Sort of like #Russiagate for the left.

Fire: One who is exceptionally cool or awesome. It also stands for “Financial Independence, Retire Early,” which pretty much sums up the entitlement generation of Wolf of Wall Street.

bisexual/ crossdresser/ drag king/ Femme Queen/ Gender Bender/ Genderqueer/ Non-Op/ HIJRA/ Pangender/ Transsexual-Transsexual/ Trans person/ Gender gifted/ Butch/ Two Spirit / Androgynous/ Person with transgender experience: Among the 76 genders now recognized in blue states. If you don’t see your niche ID, pay a $450 signup fee to start a new one. If you cannot afford the fee, you can apply to the court to waive it. If this confuses you, you are a racist. Or so.

Bae: The affectionate acronym for Before Everyone Else. Like AOC’s reflection in their mirror.

FOMO: Fear of being left out. Which probably explains most of the above. Life is a club used to beat the incorruptible.

Zelenskyy: A noun and a verb. Both mean surrender. Your $90 check is in the mail.

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