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A dubious Kerry Adler and his ‘Skypower’

Anyone who searches the internet for who Kerry Adler is and what “Skypower” is will know – Skypower Global is “one of the world’s largest and most successful utility-scale solar generation companies” and Kerry Adler is a “billionaire”.

In this age of technological advancement, when there are thousands of newspapers on the Internet, it is almost impossible for a website to attract mass attention. If someone happens to come across a website started by unknown people or people with no information about the webmaster or owner, they will be shocked to see some extremely confusing information about Kerry Adler. The obscure website says:

Kerry Adler is Founder, President and CEO of the Skypower Global Group of Companies. He is also on the board of directors along with other members of the CIM Group, the majority owner of Skypower. Although Skypower is a Canadian company (and may also be a United Arab Emirates company), CIM Group is based in Los Angeles, California. They invest billions of dollars from their clients’ money, including CalPERS (The California Public Employees’ Retirement System). CIM Group is helping Kerry to hide assets by also failing to provide relevant documents regarding Skypower’s ownership interests/option agreements etc. However, that’s not part of what Kerry wants you to know, so I’ll elaborate on that in another section. However, Skypower builds solar farms around the world and then sells the MW (electricity generated) to governments.

Kerry participates in climate protection initiatives and pretends to the world to be a kind and successful person. Kerry created Skypower Cares, a program that provides portable solar systems to communities without access to electricity. He has often spoken about his passion for helping others and working towards the betterment of humanity. Kerry Adler is a great saleswoman.

After reading the above I was wondering is this website operated by Kerry Adler or any of his employees or family members? Because this website offers information that is already available all over the web.

Image of the Canadian passport on Kerry Adler

Then I started surfing the internet to learn more about Kerry Adler.

The Atlantic Council gives a glamorous introduction by Kerry Adler on its website, stating:

Kerry Adler is SkyPower’s Global President and Chief Executive Officer. Since its inception in 2003, he has helped build SkyPower into one of the largest and most innovative global renewable energy companies. SkyPower focuses exclusively on the development of large-scale solar energy generation projects and is active worldwide in over 35 countries and on four continents. Kerry also founded WebHelp Worldwide in 1999, which today employs more than 60,000 people in 49 countries. Kerry has over 35 years of experience across multiple sectors including renewable energy, artificial intelligence, advanced logistics, software design, BPO-CRM, and advanced systems and process design. He is also a global advocate for climate change and mitigation and advises several heads of state and other sustainability leaders. Over the past decade, Kerry has taken a very active role in advocating for climate action and has received numerous awards for this work, including UN Global Entrepreneur of The Year, UN Global Compact Inaugural Pioneer for Climate Action, UN SDG Champion (SkyPower Global), among others. Kerry is also a board member or strategic advisor to numerous organizations including the UAE Business Council, Canada GCC Advisory Council, Canada Africa Business Council, Canada Arab Business Council, the World Economic Forum and the International Economic Forum of the Americas. He is also a founding member of the United Nations CFO Taskforce, ConvrtX, Can Water, WiConnect and Eccopia.

The Forbes Council also gives an almost similar idea of ​​Kerry Adler on its website. But it contains a few additional sentences, such as Prince Albert II of Monaco honoring Kerry Adler as “Most Sustainable CEO of 2019”.

Then we got the Khaleej Times, a leading English-language newspaper in the United Arab Emirates, which published a report on November 20, 2021 that gave Kerry Adler a capital. This article was written by Sandhya D’Mello, who mainly writes promotional content for the newspaper. And most interestingly – the Khaleej Times published a low-resolution “supplied photo” of Kerry Adler with this article – proving that this article is a sponsored post.

And this Kerry Adler uses commercial PR websites to spread self-propaganda while at the same time successfully buying space in smaller newspapers – mostly in smaller nations. For example, on January 19, 2020, a Chilean news site published a story titled “Skypower, a company from the United Arab Emirates, has expressed an interest in the requirements for installing high-tech solar farms in Paraguay.”

hold your breath So far we read “Skypower” as a Canadian company and now it suddenly becomes a “UAE company”? But on November 17, 2022, not even UAE’s Khaleej Times said in its report – Skypower is a UAE company.

There was an interesting report about a scammer named Anthony Ritossa in Vanity Fair on October 19th, 2022 stating that this scam who got kicked out of Monaco landed in Dubai and held a big summit.

On September 15, 2022, there was a report in this newspaper about a scam cartel in Dubai, where we discovered that Kerry Adler was a member of this scam racket.

In September 2015, Bangladeshi media published a report on Kerry Adler saying he would invest US$4.3 billion in Bangladesh’s solar energy sector. That news called Skypower Global “one of the world’s largest and most successful utility-scale solar power generation companies” and Kerry Adler the “President and CEO of the Canada-based multinational.”

It has been seven years since Kerry Adler met Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in the US, but nothing has happened. The 1.50 million lanterns promised by Kerry Adler as a donation for Bangladesh never arrived.

All just empty words and false promises from Kerry Adler and his Skypower.

Kerry Adler took photos with former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, where Kerry Adler claims to have “partnered” with the Ban Ki Moon Foundation

Kerry Adler is active on LinkedIn where he has listed his business location as Dubai, United Arab Emirates, proving he has nothing left in Canada. He is also active on Twitterwhere he does not indicate his current location.

His company’s website – Skypower Global, which claims to be “one of the largest companies in the world” gives an address in Canada:

Commerce Court 44th Floor 199 Bay Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5L 1E9, with only one telephone number +1 416 979 4625. Our correspondent visited this location and found no existence of a Skypower Global office in this building. We also sent several emails to this company asking for answers to our questions. But there was no answer.

We have previously published a report on Joshua Adler aka Josh Adler son of Kerry Adler involved in fraudulent activities in the United Arab Emirates. Following the publication of the report in Blitz, UAE authorities, including Dubai Police, are already investigating Josh Adler’s case, while our own correspondent in Dubai continues to investigate Joshua Adler aka Josh Adler.

According to the information, Kerry Adler (Kerry Evan Adler), born on May 12, 1965, is a Canadian citizen of Polish descent. His passport number HP-169409 was issued in Toronto on December 14, 2017 and is valid until December 14, 2022. It is not known if he has renewed his passport from the United Arab Emirates as he is currently residing in that country with other members of his family.

Is Kerry Adler a scammer or a scammer? Why did he join a scammer called the EcoShumi Foundation in Dubai? What is he really doing with the United Arab Emirates? We’re looking for answers.

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